Blockchain Education

They say when you look into Bitcoin you can find exactly what you are interested in, whether that be economics, computer science, law, geopolitics, anthropology or mathematics. For me, aside from the monetary system aspects, it’s the Human Rights aspects that I find fascination and hugely important.

There are a number of people devoting their careers to educating us all on the Human Rights aspects of Bitcoin. First among them is Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation, I set out here one of his many lectures. There is a brilliant little book called ‘The Little Bitcoin Book’, it is now available in dozens of languages and is very popular in countries where democracy is disappearing and monetary debasement is accelerating.

Also of great interest to me was this video recording by North Korean escapee Yeonmi Park who speaks with first hand experience of the debasement of money and how the state can control the population through money.

One of the better books on this subject is ‘The New Technologies of Freedom’, one of the authors is esteemed professor Chris Berg of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Blockchain Centre.

If you do not have time to read, this 5 minute video perfectly sets out the privacy and human rights benefits of Bitcoin.