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Ian Love is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Assets. He holds qualifications in Commerce and Law and has an international business career of more than 30 years.

Ian Love

Founder, CEO

Ian is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Assets and resides in Perth, Western Australia.  Ian was formerly a Director at Credit Suisse where he spent 14 years as Head of Executive Compensation in the Asia Pacific Region. Prior to that he spent 8 years as Senior Manager at PwC where he acted as Senior Tax and Business Advisor to multinational and local corporations investing in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific Region.

In 2013 Ian started a boutique corporate governance practice in Perth (Sherwood Love & Associates). In 2016 he founded and became CEO of tech-start-up FairPay, a remuneration based WebApp.

Outside of work he  is the Founder and Chairman of The Mandalay Projects (an anti-human trafficking organisation). He is often in Myanmar checking on projects and looking for new ones to begin.
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‘My developing interest in technology led me to Blockchain in late 2016.’

Why Blockchain?

‘When I first heard the word Blockchain in November 2016 my initial reaction was ‘Oh no, here we go again with another amazing new technology that is going to solve the world’s problems…but fail to do so’. But I was at a seminar, I pushed back those sceptical tendencies and opened my mind.

The seminar totally hooked me. I went home and spent the next 4 months reading everything I could find and listening to hundreds of video clips and podcasts. I read books and I met new friends with deeper understandings of all things relating to blockchain, crypto currencies, economics and politics. They are all linked and it is fascinating to learn, day by day, as this technology develops and helps us move towards solving some of the planet’s biggest problems.’ Ian Love.

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